Celtic vs Leverkusen: 3 things we hope Ange learnt

Updated: Oct 23

Ange Postecoglou after Celtic defeat to Leverkusen

The 60SecondCelts match preview for the visit of Bayer Leverkusen warned that Ange's plan for the Germans was dangerous. I guess if you play with fire, on occasion, you are going to get burnt. But last night, Celtic were engulfed in flames.

Summing up the performance after the 4-0 home defeat makes me feel like I'm experiencing déjà vu while watching the film, Groundhog Day, on repeat. But in the place of Bill Murray as the main protagonist in this frustrating comedy, it's Ange Postecoglou. What I'm really trying to say here is that we've seen it too many times before; it's sloppy and predictable.

I want to get one thing straight before we go any further; I am a huge supporter of Postecoglou and a firm believer of what he's trying to instill at Celtic Park. I'm not calling for his head, but I am imploring him to take a step back and use it before our next match against top-quality opposition.

Here are three things I hope he learnt from the defeat:

1. Ralston and Montgomery are not skilled enough to play as inverted wingbacks against the best teams in Europe

Tony Ralston and Adam Montgomery have both put in performances to be proud of in Celtic jerseys this season. Last night neither of the young Scots covered themselves in glory playing the role that Ange asked of them.

Thirty seconds before conceding one of our goals both men were so inverted they were both in the centre circle. Three months of coaching is not enough time, for players of their current ability and understanding of the game, to be tactically astute enough to excel in this system against the better teams.

2. Rogic and Turnbull are not industrious enough to play together

Arguably, Celtic's two most technically gifted players (behind Jota) are leaving the team exposed when our attacking play inevitably breaks down.

Recently, both men have been particularly wasteful in possession, and like hormonal teenagers, seem to think that it's not their responsibility to clean up after their own mess. This needs to change.

3. If we don't have a 'Plan B' we at least need a plan to be more 'streetwise'

I think it's admirable that Postecoglou's 'Plan B' is 'to do Plan A better', but in reality, against top sides who are both ruthless and unforgiving, we need to be cleverer at adapting.

There's a fine line between genius and madness and to a certain extent they are not mutually exclusive. At the moment however, I think Ange's decision to play as we are, with the personnel available, against the top seeds in our group, is erring more on the side of madness than genius.

What do you think? What did you make of last night's performance? Let us know in the comments below: